day three 20feb 2015

raised concrete garden bed


16.9 oC – 12.9 |  humidity 95% | rainfall 0 | wind ssw | barom – 1025.2

today’s assignment is to prepare one of our concrete garden beds

using string and bamboo sticks we make lines, about 30 cm apart, create an indent with a small bamboo stick (most errors in germination occur by sewing too deep!)

we label each row with

  • name of seed
  • species
  • date

carefully drop one seed every 20 cm, sieve some compost over the top and then water with seaweed tea

we will come back and have a look at what our

  • carrot / rainbow
  • radish easter egg
  • parsnip guernsey
  • beetroot detroit dark
  • mizuna

have been up to

there’s no greater love than the love of food

we discuss the wide selection of trays and seed containers and each create two full trays of seed

the labels contain plant name & variety plus date plus our initials
and at the end of the day we have trays that contain

  • epizote
  • silverbeet
  • kale
  • garlic chives
  • leek
  • beetroot
  • onion
  • spinach
  • carrot
  • rocket

they get watered with seaweed tea and placed in the shade house

seed trays

until next time


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