day five 26february 2015


17.1 oC  – 1013.7 hPa – 5.6 km/h WSW – 95% humidity – cloud level 200 m – sparse


we tidied up some of the garden beds, took out the tomato plants that had showed up with blight – a fungus caused by spores splashing up from the soil and makes the tomato plants have brown leaves and go soggy.

especially tomato plants need deep soil and need to be watered – like most plants – from underneath and rather every few days with a lot of water then a couple of minutes a day.

our tools used were different types of hoes (square hoe, torpedo hoe and dutch hoe) and the rake – we also created some more stakes: the knot gets always tied to the stake, not to the plant !

we started seed saving different variety of tomatoes (zebra, cesar, beef steak, cherry tomato and heirloom) and learned different ways to do this.


details to follow


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