day six 27 february 2015


morning temperature was 17.2 oC – temperature at time of writing 19.2 oC (20:35 h)
wind S 1.9 km/h – 1014.8 hPa – 85% humidity
bright skies throughout the day

seeds are sprouting – happy moments

rainbow raddish

rainbow raddish

big tidy up and preparation of hot houses to shift earlier seed trays up from the shade house


we also each planted some more seeds, a lot of flowers

choosing our seeds

choosing our seeds

some of them were

  • purple cleome
  • cornflower
  • aquilegia
  • sweet peas
  • swamp iris
  • passionfruit

there were a few more outdoor beds that needed cleaning up, weeding and they are good to have lovely plants in them soon

the potting platform / table got a brand new wooden cover that needed to be fitted and we now have a beautiful big table to work on !

a second bed was sown out by some of our class

  •  mesclun salad
  • radish ‘sweet beet’
  • kerith’s mystery seed

tools are cleaned and oiled and safely stowed away until we ‘meet again’

happy weekend


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