day twenty-six 1may 2015


baro 1028.9 hPa | rain 0.0 mm | soil temp 14.5 oC | temp high 15.8 oC low 11.3oC

wind 5.4 km/h S | humidity 83% | cloud clear 449 m

our SOIL HORIZON outing had to be postponed

instead we put on our ‘to do list’

  • pottage garden needs to be weeded & fed with sheep poo fertiliser
  • herb garden needs to be weeded
  • passionfruit plants to be potted up (35 plants)
  • finish cleaning up raspberry plants
  • seeds to be sown
  • harvest comfrey (will also put some on my fruit trees at home)

we sowed some more seeds :

cauliflower, chicory, organic fennel, spinach, marigolds, onions, chives, leeks, chinese cabbage, wombok, passion fruit seed ….

heaps of cleaning, watering, weeding and at the end of the day our gardens and everything around it looks sparkling and plentiful

we separated/cut the fig tree and did some off cuts, and the tree tomato (tamarilo )

for a few days now we were able to harvest some of our yummy veggies , had salads over lunch and even took some home.
there is a batch of ‘KIMCHI” fermenting at home, made from our chinese greens


recipe can be found on


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