day twenty-seven 6may 2015


baro 1025.6 hPa | rain 0.0mm | soil temp 15oC | temp high 18.1oC low 12.4oC |

wind NNE 12.4 km/h | humidity 93% | cloud mostly cloudy 221 m

Soil Profiles | Soil Horizons

TOP SOIL (quote kerith “that’s where all the micro-organisms are doing their sheeeeet” )

  • 0 plant and animal material only
    fresh litter and humus litter
  • A organic matter and mineral matter


  • B mostly weathered matter
    might find small amounts of organic matter

→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→ where you would find coal

  • – C parent material
    partly broken down bedrock or more geologically
    deposited material
  • – D underlying bedrock

homework : dig a soil horizon at home (take picture)

soil image

the class ended with propagating strawberries and hanging up baskets for then to grow later … yummy


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